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A Studio Visit With Jamiyla Lowe

About Me

I am an artist who primarily makes multiples in the form of screen printed textile and paper works, self-published books, and printed apparel. I have recently begun producing sculptural, and animated work as well.  The environments my characters typically inhabit are hypnotically uncomfortable domestic spaces, the places where we seek comfort the most. Browse my books and other projects below.

As You Wish

My newest release, a book that focuses on the gaps between fantasy and reality. A humorous look at living in a constant state of anticipation of the things we think we want. Browse the entire book here.

Good Evening

In Good Evening, viewers are guided from room to room of a strange house exploring the hidden desires, loneliness and discomfort amongst its various occupants. Browse the entire book here.

Sculpted Works

I've gotten into making small sculptural pieces over the past year. I've photographed them in a soft tiny set made from felt. Click to view them all in their element.

Animated Works

 I've recently begun experimenting with frame animation, click to view more

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